The Future of RiotMode

When I started writing RiotFX back in 2008 it started as a challenge to see if I could push the hardware of the iPhone 3G to process digital audio at extremely low latency – enough to make it a viable guitar effects processor. The results surprised and impressed me and so I set to work developing the app out of this research project.

Since then the power of mobile devices has grown rapidly, as has the mobile music market – in particular for guitar apps – and so last year I decided that it was necessary to start again from the ground up in order to develop a robust, high performance platform on which to continue the development of RiotFX and future apps.

During the period spent writing this new framework I have been far too quiet, but now this process is complete RiotFX will continue its evolution at a greater pace – I have lots of features planned with the next few releases: incorporating amplifier and cabinet simulation, adding native iPad support as well as improving the current set of effects and adding new ones.

I hope you enjoy using it!

Welcome to the RiotMode Blog

Welcome to the brand new RiotMode Blog!

After a few evenings playing around and familiarising myself with WordPress, I’ve successfully managed to integrate a blog with the RiotMode site. Much praise must go to WordPress for such a great product, and Automattic for the Toolbox theme, which required only a few changes and some basic tweaks here and there in order to blend the blog with the rest of the site.

In this blog I intend to cover subjects from product news, audio app and iOS development, to life in general. I hope that you find it interesting!